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I guide real estate agents to make breakthroughs in sales & team growth


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Or even if you just feel stuck, sales getting stagnant or you need guidance on how to improve


Do you face these problems?

Feels that the market is slow or not moving and you struggle to improve sales


Lonely, helpless, no motivation due to a lack of support from your team and leaders


Don't have a system to consistently generate high quality potential buyer or seller


Have to pay for expensive training that only "bonds" you with the company but doesn't help in your results


Joining the showflat core team, burning weekends queuing to serve walk-ins that doesn't translate into sales 


Have a hard time or taking too long trying to convince people to make the transaction with you

It can change.

Hi, my name is Aaron Wan, a division leader at

What they say...

"As a direct result of Aaron’s personal guidance, I was able to 6X my annual income in less than 6 months of joining his team. Now it's been 1 year since I've joined him - what other mentors couldn’t do for me in 8 years, Aaron did for me in just a year. Thanks to Aaron's guidance, I walk the talk and even purchased my own investment property!”

6X my income in 6 months

Grace Cheong 

Tripled sales in 6 months

"Aaron guides us in prospecting and closing techniques that are tailored to suit our individual personalities and strengths. This alone has been very different from what I experienced in my previous company."

Gunahety Goh

Why I want to help you

Being able to make a million dollars myself is not as fulfilling as helping others make their million

I want to help my associates grow their careers to a higher level and do better together

We have a strong family culture that focus on giving back and helping the team achieve more 

I aspire to grow a strong team of successful real estate professionals that lasts 

What you will learn 

The proven "sales strategies" I used to achieve over 6 figures commissions every single month

How I build and maintain my network of clients and setup up new appointments easily

How to build a strong team fast, manage and nurture them to improve results

I'll personally help design a master plan to help you achieve your sales target easily

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I bought my first investment property when I was 23 years old and have been featured on multiple publications ever since.

Today at the age of 30, I own multiple properties valued at over $5 million dollars.

No two men are alike; by the same token, no two agents may share exactly the same goal. 

Some may wish to work towards income replacement – where they earn as much from real estate, as they did in their previous job except with more flexibility and spare time to spend with family. 

Others may choose to double or even triple their income. 

Hence, it is crucial for me to understand my team members, so I can better equip them with the skills they need to achieve their real estate goals.         

I've managed to build and guide a team of 100 members to achieve huge improvements to their results.

Aaron Wan Division is now the Fastest Growing Young Team in PropNex.

I emphasis a lot on one-on-one mentoring sessions with my team members and make it a point to sit down with each of them to do some goal setting. 

It is important for them (and me as well) to understand their motivations and what they plan to achieve.

8X my sales in 6 months

"I have benefited a lot from Aaron’s mentorship and joining a team with such a vibrant culture. Now I can’t wait to see what’s next for me in my real estate career."

Michelle Chew

I want to learn more!

Need help? Let's have a chat.

If you are a motivated agent who wants to improve on your results or a real estate investor or property seller, let's have a chat to help you achieve your goals.

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The Wan You Trust

Real estate investor, salesperson and division leader at PropNex Realty

Powerful Negotiator Group (PNG), PropNex Realty, the Largest Real Estate Agency in Singapore with more than 7,600 active agents.

I'm a Consistent Platinum Achiever 

Aaron, the real estate investor

Before I went into real estate, I was formerly a Banker with Credit Suisse and a Tax Consultant with PwC Singapore, the world's largest accounting firm.

With my past work experiences, education and knowledge accumulated through two years of avid research (coupled with the savings that I had), I invested in my first property - a freehold private apartment near Serangoon at over half a million dollars at the age of 24.

Aaron, the real estate salesperson

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Here's what you will learn: 

How to sell with "knowledge"  and position yourself as the expert 

What are the 3 activities that will increase your sales 5 times or more 

What services NOT  to provide that saves 80% of your time 

How to get consistent clients and deals without spending a bomb on advertising 

How to achieve sales consistently  every single month 

The system me and my team uses

Some of my other records includes having made more than $414,000 in a single month and over $1 million dollars in 3 months (just last year in 2017).

I've also regularly brokered record deals for high net-worth clients while building an extensive network of mortgage brokers, solicitors and contractors which can meet my clients' needs throughout the entire deal spectrum.

Drawing from my own experiences coupled with in-depth research, I was able to advise fellow investors on ways to minimise risk in their investments, maximise capital gains and spot undervalue properties.

My deals are also frequently featured on the media including being involved in starting up the En bloc fever back in 2016's Raintree Gardens En bloc.

Aaron, the team leader

Having an avid interest in real estate, I joined the real estate industry and quickly became a top performer with over $80,000 commissions in my first month.

Within 2 years (age 27) , I was able to purchase another Prime District 9 property as my matrimonial home for $1.5m near orchard.

I wasn't into flashy cars and fancy branded goods but instead prefer to invest my money in real estate.

Just last year in 2017 (age 29), I bought another property - The Sea View condo at $2.3 million dollars in Prime District 15. All my properties have appreciated in value by over $500,000 each since.

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Benefited a lot from his training

"My previous team and company didn't provide much skill set training - after joining Aaron's team, I have benefited a lot from his training platform. Thanks to Aaron's training sessions, I am more confident in engaging my clients as well as producing promising results." 

Aimee Wong

He's an inspiration

"I wanted to be a part of Aaron's team because he's an inspiration and I aspire to model my personal journey after him. Aaron's team is unique because he offers an alternative view on matters in relation to property related transaction: from prospecting, all the way to closing - which helped me to get a greater clarity to deal with any matter at hand." 

Lincoln Heng

My sales income increased 3X

"My sales income increased 3X just months after joining Aaron's team. It's all because Aaron is the best leader I've worked with - he always shares all his methods and guides me personally through every single deal. Also, unlike my previous company, Aaron's team as a whole fosters a positive sharing culture!" 

Rachel Lau

Achieved more than $100k commissions in 2 months

"From the very beginning, Aaron has been very informative and extremely helpful. He’s always contactable, very prompt in answering questions, and quick in helping us! I truly feel that he goes above and beyond to deliver each of us with advice of the highest standard. Thanks to Aaron, I managed to earn over $100K commissions - just within 2 months of joining his division!" 

Shawn Tan