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Stars of Kovan

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Stars of Kovan - Hougang

TOP 2020 $1,500 psf (Guide price) - 2 Bedroom
743 sq ft 2 Bedrooms2 Bathrooms409 Garages Print this page

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Stars Of Kovan is an exciting mixed development consisting of 46 British-inspired retail shops at first 2 levels and condominium units residing above the commercial levels. Developed by one of the most renowned developer, Cheung Kong Property Holdings Ltd, founded by property tycoon Lee Ka Shing, quality and luxurious finishing like marble, parquet and SMEG appliances comes as standard fittings in these condominium units.


 ADDRESS  970/972/974/976/978 (strata terrace) & 980/982/984/986 (condominium) Upper Serangoon Road
 POSTAL DISTRICT  19 (Outside Central Region, Kovan)
 TENURE  99 years leasehold from 25 February 2015
 EXPECTED TOP  30 November 2020
 SITE AREA  10,097 square metres / 326,063 square feet
 CARPARK  409 lots:

  • 316 residential
  • 13 commercial
  • 80 public
 ARCHITECT  Team Design Architects Pte Ltd
 DEVELOPER  Cheung Kong Property Holdings


 1Bedroom – $380 (19 shares)

2Bedroom – $460 (23 shares)

3Bedroom – $460 (23 shares)

Strata Terrace – $600 (30 shares)



Located just opposite Kovan MRT station and Heartland Mall, a short walk to Hougang bus interchange, fast access to Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway, accessibility is unparalleled. Adding to the excitement of staying at Stars Of Kovan, various local delicacies are in close vicinity; Famous Punggol Nasi Lemak, tasty Teo Chew porridge, steamboat, seafood, Japanese restaurants, etc.

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Club Roof

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Sky Garden




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stars kovan 1br a11

1Bedroom Type A1-1 517sqft #03-22

stars kovan 1br a1

1Bedroom Type A1 517sqft unit22

stars kovan 1br a12

1Bedroom Type A1-2 517sqft #17-22

stars kovan 1br a21

1Bedroom Type A2-1 506sqft #03-21

stars kovan 1br a2

1Bedroom Type A2 506sqft unit21

stars kovan 1br a22

1Bedroom Type A2-2 506sqft #17-21

stars kovan 1br a31

1Bedroom Type A3-1 506sqft #03-17

stars kovan 1br a3

1Bedroom Type A3 506sqft unit17

stars kovan 1br a32

1Bedroom Type A3-2 506sqft #17-17

stars kovan 1br a41

1Bedroom Type A4-1 506sqft #03-07

stars kovan 1br a4

1Bedroom Type A4 506sqft unit07

stars kovan 1br a42

1Bedroom Type A4-2 506sqft #17-07

stars kovan 1br a51

1Bedroom Type A5-1 506sqft #03-10

stars kovan 1br a5

1Bedroom Type A5 506sqft unit10

stars kovan 1br a52

1Bedroom Type A5-2 506sqft #17-10

stars kovan 1br a61

1Bedroom Type A6-1 506sqft #03-14

stars kovan 1br a6

1Bedroom Type A6 506sqft unit14

stars kovan 1br a62

1Bedroom Type A6-2 506sqft #17-14

stars kovan 2br b11

2Bedroom Type B1-1 764sqft #03-25

stars kovan 2br b1

2Bedroom Type B1 764sqft unit25

stars kovan 2br b12 copy

2Bedroom Type B1-2 764sqft #17-25

stars kovan 2br b21

2Bedroom Type B2-1 786sqft #03-24

stars kovan 2br b2

2Bedroom Type B2 732sqft unit24

stars kovan 2br b22

2Bedroom Type B2-2 786sqft #17-24

stars kovan 2br b31

2Bedroom Type B3-1 807sqft #03-23

stars kovan 2br b3

2Bedroom Type B3 743sqft unit23

stars kovan 2br b32

2Bedroom Type B3-2 807sqft #17-23

stars kovan 2br b41

2Bedroom Type B4-1 743sqft #03-26

stars kovan 2br b4

2Bedroom Type B4 743sqft unit26

stars kovan 2br b42

2Bedroom Type B4-2 807sqft #17-26

stars kovan 2br b51

2Bedroom Type B5-1 743sqft #03-20

stars kovan 2br b5

2Bedroom Type B5 743sqft unit20

stars kovan 2br b52

2Bedroom Type B5-2 807sqft #17-20

stars kovan 2br b61

2Bedroom Type B6-1 743sqft #03-16

stars kovan 2br b6

2Bedroom Type B6 743sqft unit16

stars kovan 2br b62

2Bedroom Type B6-2 797sqft #17-16

stars kovan 2br b71

2Bedroom Type B7-1 797sqft #03-18

stars kovan 2br b7

2Bedroom Type B7 732sqft unit18

stars kovan 2br b72

2Bedroom Type B7-2 797sqft #17-18

stars kovan 2br b81

2Bedroom Type B8-1 753sqft #03-02

stars kovan 2br b8

2Bedroom Type B8 753sqft unit02

stars kovan 2br b82

2Bedroom Type B8-2 753sqft #17-02

stars kovan 2br b91

2Bedroom Type B9-1 797sqft #03-01

stars kovan 2br b9

2Bedroom Type B9 743sqft unit01

stars kovan 2br b92

2Bedroom Type B9-2 797sqft #17-01

stars kovan 2br b101

2Bedrom Type B10-1 743sqft #03-04

stars kovan 2br b10

2Bedroom Type B10 743sqft unit04

stars kovan 2br b102

2Bedroom Type B10-2 797sqft #17-04

stars kovan 2br b111

2Bedroom Type B11-1 797sqft #03-08

stars kovan 2br b11 copy

2Bedroom B11 743sqft unit08

stars kovan 2br b112

2Bedroom Type B11-2 797sqft #17-08

stars kovan 2br b121

2Bedroom Type B12-1 743sqft #03-05

stars kovan 2br b12

2Bedroom Type B12 743sqft unit05

stars kovan 2br b122

2Bedroom Type B12-2 797sqft #17-05

stars kovan 2br b131

2Bedroom Type B13-1 732sqft #03-06

stars kovan 2br b13

2Bedroom Type B13 732sqft unit06

stars kovan 2br b132

2Bedroom Type B13-2 786sqft #17-06

stars kovan 2br b141

2Bedroom Type B14-1 732sqft #03-11

stars kovan 2br b14

2Bedroom Type B14 732sqft unit11

stars kovan 2br b142

2Bedroom Type B14-2 786sqft #17-11

stars kovan 2br b151

2Bedroom Type B15-1 797sqft #03-15

stars kovan 2br b15

2Bedroom Type B15 732sqft unit15

stars kovan 2br b152

2Bedroom Type B15-2 797sqft #17-15

stars kovan 2br b161

2Bedroom Type B16-1 743sqft #03-13

stars kovan 2br b16

2Bedroom Type B16 743sqft unit13

stars kovan 2br b162

2Bedroom Type B16-2 797sqft #17-13

stars kovan 3br c11

3Bedroom Type C1-1 1023sqft #03-19

stars kovan 3br c1

3Bedroom Type C1 958sqft unit19

stars kovan c12

3Bedroom Type C1-2 1023sqft #17-19

stars kovan 3br c21

3Bedroom Type C2-1 958sqft #03-03

stars kovan 3br c2

3Bedroom Type C2 958sqft unit03

stars kovan 3br c22

3Bedroom Type C2-2 980sqft #17-03

stars kovan 3br c31

3Bedroom Type C3-1 1001sqft #03-09

stars kovan 3br c3

3Bedroom Type C3 947sqft unit09

stars kovan 3br c32

3Bedroom Type C3-2 1001sqft #17-09

stars kovan 3br c41

3Bedroom Type C4-1 990sqft #03-12

stars kovan 3br c4

3Bedroom Type C4 969sqft unit12

stars kovan 3br c42

3Bedroom Type C4-2 990sqft #17-12

stars kovan terrace 1

Strata Terrace 3BR 1830sqft unit 972/974/976/978

stars kovan terrace 2

Strata Terrace 3BR 1830sqft unit 970




stars kovan sitemap commercial

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