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The Glades @ Tanah Merah

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The Glades @ Tanah Merah - Bedok

TOP 2017 $2,042,000 onwards for Dual-Key 4 Bedroom - 4 Bedroom Dual Key
1378 sqft 4 Bedrooms3 Bathrooms734 Garages Print this page

The Glades means an open space within a forest, referring to the intense connection to nature’s greenery. The Glades At Tanah Merah suggests a home which is isolated from the buzzling pace of Singapore city, an arena that is filled with the tranquility of mother nature, a sanctuary where we can indulge in maximum family joy and rejuvenate mentally, spiritually and physically.

The Glades At Tanah Merah sets new benchmark for condominium landscaping as it features sculptured trees with designer lightings, making it an iconic and beautiful scenery in the evenings. Imagine ‘Gardens By The Bay’ just at your doorstep. Connectivity is not compromised despite surrounding residents with nature’s green. The Glades At Tanah Merah is located just beside Tanah Merah MRT station, which is connected via a covered walkway. The vast bus network just outside TheGlades condominium also conveniently brings residents to the city with just a single trip. Just an MRT stop away are shopping malls like Bedok Point, Tampines Mall, Century Square and the upcoming Bedok Mall. Residents living at TheGlades can abundantly meet their daily and lifestyle needs conveniently.

Tampines and Bedok Bus Interchange that are also an MRT stop away expands the connectivity to the whole of Singapore. Tanah Merah MRT station, being an interchange, also allows residents to easily access Changi Airport be it for family tours or business travels. East Coast Park is also within close proximity to TheGlades At Tanah Merah, adding more options for family and healthy activities.

TheGlades At Tanah Merah is yet another unique and strategic home not to be missed, brought to you by Keppel Land; another Thinking Unboxed.


 DEVELOPER Joint venture between Keppel Land Ltd and China Vanke
 ARCHITECT  P & T Consultants Pte Ltd
 POSTAL DISTRICT  16 (Upper East Coast)
 TOTAL UNITS  726 residential and 3 shop units
 PLOT RATIO  1.6 : 1
 SITE AREA  31,881.5 square metre / 343,172 square feet
 LOCATION  2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 14, 16, 20 Bedok Rise
 TENURE  99 years from 23 January 2013


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The Glades detailed site map



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Type A1

1BR Type A1 452sqft, stack 38/40/44/46/47

Type A2

1BR Type A2 463sqft, stack 57

Type A3

1BR Type A3 506sqft, stack 59/66

Type A4

1BR Type A4 474sqft, stack 56

Type Bc1

2BR compact Type Bc1 581sqft, stack 15/22

Type Bc2

2BR compact Type Bc2 592sqft, stack 18/19

Type Bc3

2BR compact Type Bc3 624sqft, stack 62/63

Type Bc4

2BR compact Type Bc4 570sqft, stack 39/45/48

Type B1

2BR Type B1 721sqft, stack 16/17/20/21

Type B2

2BR Type B2 678sqft, stack 7/14

Type B3

2BR Type B3 678sqft, stack 10/11

Type B4

2BR Type B4 689sqft, stack 13

Type B5

2BR Type B5 667sqft, stack 12

Type B6

2BR Type B6 689sqft, stack 1/58

Type B7

2BR Type B7 721sqft, stack 4/55

Type B8

2BR Type B8 667sqft, stack 60

Type B9

2BR Type B9 667sqft, stack 61

Type B10

2BR Type B10 700sqft, stack 37/41

Type Cc1

3BR compact Type Cc1 840sqft, stack 23/24

Type Cc2

3BR compact Type Cc2 840sqft, stack 2

Type Cc3

3BR compact Type Cc3 861sqft, stack 64

Type Cc4

3BR compact Type Cc4 840sqft, stack 65

Type Cc5

3BR compact Type Cc5 850sqft, stack 3

Type C1

3BR Type C1 1066sqft, stack 25/26

Type C2

3BR Type C2 1033sqft, stack 8

Type C3

3BR Type C3 1001sqft, stack 5/6/42/43/53/54

Type C4

3BR Type C4 1012sqft, stack 51

Type C5

3BR Type C5 1023sqft, stack 50

Type C6

3BR Type C6 1001sqft, stack 9

Type C7

3BR Type C7 1023sqft, stack 35

Type C8

3BR Type C8 1023sqft, stack 36

Type D2

4BR Type D2 1281sqft, stack 49


Type A1-L

1BR Type A1-L 667sqft, #12-38/40/44/46/47

Type A3-L

1BR Type A3-L 710sqft, #12-59/66

2BR Type Bc4-L

2BR compact Type Bc4-L 689sqft, #12-39/45/48

2BR Type B2-L

2BR Type B2-L 840sqft, #10-07/14

2BR Type B3-L 872sqft

2BR Type B3-L 872sqft, #10-10/11

2BR Type B4-L

2BR Type B4-L 861sqft, #10-13

Type B5-L

2BR Type B5-L 840sqft, #10-12

Type B6-L

2BR Type B6-L 883sqft, #10-01

Type B7-L

2BR Type B7-L 904sqft, #10-04

2BR Type B8-L 861sqft, #12-60

2BR Type B8-L 861sqft, #12-60

Type B9-L

2BR Type B9-L 840sqft, #12-61

Type Cc1-L

3BR compact Type Cc1-L 926sqft, #12-23/24

3BR compact Type Cc2-L

3BR compact Type Cc2-L 1044sqft, #10-02

Type Cc3-L

3BR compact Type Cc3-L 1055sqft, #12-64

3BR compact Type Cc4-L 1044sqft, #12-65

3BR compact Type Cc4-L 1044sqft, #12-65

4BR Type D1 1507sqft, #3/5/7/9 for stack 25/26

4BR Type D1 1507sqft, #3/5/7/9 for stack 25/26


Type As1

1BR Type As1 484sqft, #stack 30/31

Type As2

1BR Type As2 474sqft, stack 27/34

1BR Type As3 474sqft, stack 29

1BR Type As3 474sqft, stack 29

Type Bs1

2BR Type Bs1 624sqft, stack 28/33

Type Bs2

2BR Type Bs2 581sqft, stack 32


4BR Dual Key Type DK 1378sqft, stack 52

4BR Dual Key Type DK 1378sqft, stack 52



Type P1

4BR Type P1 2465sqft, #11-25/26

Type P2

4BR Type P2 2002sqft, #09-08

Type P3

4BR Type P3 1959sqft, #09-09

Type P4

4BR Type P4 1948sqft, #09-05/06 and #11-42/43/53/54

Type P5

4BR Type P5 1981sqft, #11-51

Type P6

4BR Type P6 2013sqft, #11-50

Type P7

4BR Type P7 1916sqft, #11-35/36

Type P8

5BR Type P8 2594sqft, #11-52

5BR Type P9 2454sqft, #11-49


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The Glades @ Tanah Merah
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